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Example HR Prompt for an SME Business
August 17, 2023 at 11:00 PM
by Dwayne Ferguson

In this blog post, I wanted to provide you with an example of how AI can bring immediate positive benefits to your business.

So this would be your initial prompt.

"Provide me with a useful prompt that covers the area of HR in my SME business"

AI Answer: "Discuss the core values of your company. How do these values shape your company culture and influence day-to-day operations? Describe a situation where an employee exemplified these values, and explain how you recognized and/or rewarded their behavior."

Suppose you respond with the following:

"Our core values include Innovation, Teamwork, Customer-Centricity, and Integrity. These values dictate everything from our brainstorming sessions to our customer support. For instance, our innovation value led us to redesign our product to be more eco-friendly, reducing waste. Teamwork ensures all departments collaborate harmoniously. Being customer-centric means we've instituted a 24-hour support line, and integrity ensures we're transparent in our dealings. A memorable situation is when Jane, from the design team, went above and beyond in implementing our value of innovation. She proposed a sustainable design model that not only reduced costs but also aligned with environmental standards. We recognized her efforts by giving her the 'Innovator of the Month' award and a bonus."

AI suggestions on how to Use the Output Immediately:

  1. Internal Communication and Team Building:
    • Share Jane's story as a motivational example in company meetings. This provides a tangible representation of the company values in action and can inspire other employees to act similarly.
  2. Training and Onboarding:
    • Include the core values and real-life examples in training materials for new hires. It not only communicates what is important to the company but also provides context and a clear picture of what embodying these values looks like.
  3. Public Relations and Marketing:
    • The eco-friendly redesign is a fantastic story for PR. Use Jane's initiative as a case study or story in marketing materials, showcasing how the company values lead to tangible, positive outcomes.
  4. HR and Recruitment:
    • When advertising job positions, mention the core values and provide examples like Jane's to give potential employees a clear idea of the company culture. It can attract candidates who resonate with these values.
  5. Review and Reward Systems:
    • If not already in place, implement a recognition system similar to the "Innovator of the Month" award. Regularly spotlight and reward employees who embody company values in exceptional ways. It can boost morale and encourage a culture where values are lived out daily.
  6. Strategic Planning:
    • Revisit the company's strategic goals and see if they align with the stated core values. Jane's example might inspire a shift towards more sustainable and innovative practices across other facets of the business.

By analyzing and acting on the output from the prompt, the business can create a cohesive, values-driven culture, leading to more engaged employees, better decision-making, and a stronger brand image.

This is a basic example of prompt engineering in action. It is intended to illustrate how integrating AI into your business sooner rather than later can prodcue postive results.

Transform AI: AI Introduction for SME Businesses

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